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General terms and conditions

Driver's licence

During the driving lessons the student must ensure that they are in possession of a driver’s licence of the appropriate category (except motorboat). This must be shown to the instructor on request. If the licence is no longer in the student’s possession for any reason, the instructor must be informed immediately.


Data protection

We will treat your data confidentially…

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During the driving lesson, the driving school vehicle is insured. Nevertheless, a dutiful and careful handling of the vehicle and material is necessary. In the event of gross negligence, the insurance may reduce the benefits and would thus be at the expense of the person responsible. During the courses at the driving school, insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Driving Team Zürich GmbH has taken out public liability insurance with Allianz Suisse, which covers damage caused by culpable conduct on the part of the employee.


Driving ability

The student guarantees to be fit to drive during the time of the driving lessons. There is a strict prohibition of alcohol, drugs, impairing medication etc. during lessons. If the instructor has good reason to question the learner’s ability to drive, they are entitled to stop the practice session at any time. There is no right to a refund on the part of the student.



For safety reasons, we recommend that you wear suitable clothing for the driving lessons. Namely closed shoes without heels, no thick jackets and sunglasses in good weather.

For motorbike driving lessons, safety clothing is necessary, at least a motorbike helmet, jacket and gloves. Ideally, additional tear-proof trousers and ankle-high reinforced shoes.

Driving lessons

Driving lessons take place at the location agreed with the driving instructor. A driving lesson lasts 45 minutes and starts with the preparation of the vehicle and ends with the final discussion, if necessary new appointment and farewell. Depending on the situation, it makes sense to arrange double lessons (90 minutes). Driving lessons which are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are subject to a charge. Exceptions are cancellations with a doctor’s certificate, which must be sent to info@drivingteam.ch within one week of the cancelled driving lesson without request. Registration for the practical driving test is done by the driving instructor in consultation with the learner.



The Driving Team reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses at short notice if the minimum number of participants is not reached, the instructor is unable to attend or for safety reasons. Early rebookings or cancellations on the part of the participant are free of charge. Rebookings or cancellations less than 14 days before the start of the course will be charged a flat rate of 80. In the case of unexcused absence or cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of the course, the full course costs will be charged. In the case of absences for health reasons, the rebooking fees will be waived if a written doctor’s certificate is submitted to info@drivingteam.ch within one week.


Terms of payment

Payment can be made by invoice, card or cash. All claims must be settled or invoiced no later than the audit date.

The General Terms and Conditions were approved at the Shareholders’ Meeting on 23.12.2021.