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Driving lessons

(car, motorcycle, taxi, trailer, motorboat)

Driving lessons

With us you will receive a individual training to become a safe driver. Whether in driving or theory lessons we always strive to respond to the needs of the learner drivers and adapt the lessons accordingly. In our opinion this is the only way to ensure that the conditions for pleasant and successful driving lessons are met.

It is also very important to us to prepare every learner driver extensively for life on the road as a driver. Practical driver training is not just about passing the driving test but also about creating a solid basis for an accident-free life as a driver.

The area of activity of the Driving Team Zurich extends from Baden (Limmattal) to Thalwil and from Regensdorf to Wettswil/Bonstetten in the Knonaueramt.

The area of activity of the Driving Team Lachen extends from Hinwil to Schwyz and from Horgen to Ziegelbrücke. The meeting points for the driving lessons are also flexible, which means that we will pick you up at home or at work if possible.



Duration per lesson: 45min

Car: 93.-

Theory 83.-

Motorcycle: 90.-

Trailer: 120.-

Taxi: 100.-

Motorboat: 190.- (90min)

Administration and insurance fee: 120.- (once for the entire education, not for motorcycle)

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